Creations Of A Child

We offer care for all ages;
4 weeks through 10 years old

Infant Care- Daily activities. Including story time, music time, baby massage, and tummy
We also use simple sign language in our classrooms.

Preschool Age Care- Daily Preschool for 2-5 year olds. Our preschool program runs
September 1st through May 31st. We keep the children busy! See list of learning skills we
cover below.

After School Care- Our after school program includes craft activities, games, science
experiments, and homework help time!! We keep them busy and active!

We also offer drop in care. Spots are not guaranteed but, we try our best. Simply register
your child and call the day before you need service. Our costs are 9.00 hourly (infants),
7.00 hourly (2-5), and 7.00 hourly (after school age)

We also offer a wonderful SUMMER PROGRAM for all ages. Our summer is
full of field trips, craft activities, new games, and lots of friendships! This
program begins June 1st and runs through August.

Why pay for child care that you don't use? We have a no charge policy. Only
pay for the days you attend. We only have a two day per week minimum!
Each classroom has an outline available for the
parents. This outline identifies each class' learning
goal. We follow District 91 curriculum. This helps
to ensure that each child is ready for
Kindergarten. Some of our goals include (but not
limited to) are:

* letters
* phonics
* colors
* shapes
* scissor skills
* social skills
* fine motor skills
* Large motor skills
* Computer skills
* Dramatic play skills
* Sensory
* Math and Science
* Rhythm and song
* Vocabulary advancement
* Shoe tying
* Daily skills
* Word recognition

Of course, each class, depending on the age group
will be different, but this is an overview of what the
children learn.
Our facility is monitored by video surveillance for the protection of our
children and families. In this crazy world a little peace of mind goes a
long way.
Creations Of A Child
Phone: 208-528-7533
Please contact us for pricing options. We offer 2,3,4,5
days per week options. The more you're here, the
cheaper it is on a daily basis.

We believe children gain great benefits from participating
in art activities. The children are offered art/craft time
3-4 times daily.Arts and Craft Fee- 10.00 per month/
per child (Three's class+)

We bill on a day to day basis-what is cheaper for your

5% discount for advance monthly payment.
$20.00 monthly discount for multiple children at the

We also take reservations on our waiting list.