Creations Of A
Creations Of A Child
Phone: 208-528-7533
olly's Cell: 208-313-7533
**All lunches are served with milk/juice, vegetable, and

Services include light breakfast (7am-9am) and
healthy snacks (3pm and 6:00pm)

Lunches are $3.00 per meal / $50.00 per full month or
you may choose to bring your own lunch-we can prepare
it and warm foods.

Weekly Lunch Menu:

Mondays-  sandwich day! Ham, cheese, egg, etc
Tuesdays- pasta day! Mac and cheese, spaghetti,
chicken noodles, etc.
Wednesdays- Chicken Nugget Wednesday.
Thursdays- our favorites day! Yogurt, pizza, muffins,
Fridays- ethnic foods day! Rice, burritos, Chinese stir
fry, etc..

detailed menus are available at the front desk monthly

We look forward to meeting you and your
child-stop in and meet our staff.
Our location: 3645 Potomac Way